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Cyber attacks are a big concern for small businesses. As most business owners are not prepared for a costly data breach, a well-rehearsed breach response plan is vital. SmartIDentity For Business can offer a small to medium-sized business owner peace of mind with a holistic information security program.

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  • Turnkey implementation
  • Co-branding options
  • Quality customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Trusted protection

Pre-breach planning

SmartIDentity for Business pre-breach tools help to safeguard your business and arm you with preparation, planning and knowledge about potential threats. An ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure when it comes to information security preparedness.

SmartIDentity for Business pre-breach solution includes:

  • Business Internet Credential Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment Questionnaire
  • Template breach policy and response plan
  • Quarterly online training
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Cyber Threat Alerts
  • Live pre-breach security consulting and services
  • Live pre-breach training options
  • Optional Owner and Officer Personal ID Theft Protection

Post-breach solutions

In the worst-case event that your business suffers an information security incident, SmartIDentity for Business will be there to help you quickly respond to the event while remaining compliant with all state and federal laws.

SmartIDentity for Business post-breach solutions includes:

  • Coverage for 2 incidents per year
  • State and Federal Compliance Assessment
  • Creation of response plan and timeline
  • Recommended Notification letters
  • Recommended Victim services
  • Recommended public communications and FAQ's
  • Additional response services, per negotiation
  • Breach Victim Recovery for up to 5,000 victims per incident

No matter the business size, our team of recovery advocates and training professionals will always keep customer support as a #1 priority.


We believe data protection for small businesses should be a necessity, not a luxury. That’s why we offer enrollment plans and custom bundles for every budget. Clients can choose from a list of premium features like member education, monitoring, credit reports, and more.

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"My recovery advocate handled my case from day one to the end. I was VERY impressed."

Sylvia B.

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