Data Breach Isn't a matter of if, but when.

When dealing with data breach, time is of the essence. Trust the leading comprehensive breach preparation, planning and response product solution that helps mitigate risk before a breach happens, and recover once it does.

Gain trust, grow your revenue.

With our leading data breach response plans, equip your clients with protection and a comprehensive recovery plan that builds trust and creates a new stream of revenue.

For Business

We give small businesses peace of mind. With pre-planning tools to help small businesses proactively enhance their security measures and custom response plans including dedicated business recovery advocates to help businesses overcome a data breach, businesses owners can focus on what’s most important, running their business.

  • Over 10 million businesses and consumers under coverage
  • Proactive tools to help businesses enhance their cyber preparedness
  • Breach response solution designed to mitigage damages
  • 100% success rate in restoring ID Theft victims
  • Industries premier ID Theft Recovery Advocates


Whether you're looking for data protection for your business or your clients, our trusted solutions provide a wealth of benefits.


Security is priceless. However, our pre and post-breach services are easily accessible and affordable.


Versatile solutions with adaptive features. Our product offers full brand customization and pain-free integration.


The gold standard. We're founded on more than a century of service and are backed by industry experts.

For Partners

The solution speaks for itself. Our data breach prevention and protection solutions are valuable and needed tools for any business. With flexible branding for the product itself and our supportive sales and marketing team, help your clients protect what they’ve built with trust and ease.

  • New customer/member acquisition and retention benefit
  • Generate a significant source of new reccuring revenue
  • Timely and valuable new member benefit
  • Customized solutions to fit your clients exact needs
  • Customized branding options available


The proof is in the protection.
Hear what business owners and our product partners have to say about us.

“I’ve had a lot of luck with SmartIDentity and they did a good job in returning my credit back to normal. I’ve had no problems since.”

Dorothy D.
Legal technology and solutions

"My advocate was a wonderfully competent representative. A real advocate for your members."

Teresa P.

"My recovery advocate handled my case from day one to the end. I was VERY impressed."

Sylvia B.


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