About Us

Learn what drives us to build solutions that keep businesses and their customers safe from cyber threats.

A century of trusted product solutions

Powered by Merchants Information Solutions, SmartIDentity is a data breach planning and response solution, designed specifically to protect vulnerable small and medium businesses—a segment largely overlooked in the data security market. Our goal is to help our clients avoid the potentially devastating effects of a breach event, giving them the guidance and support to ensure their business-and their customers—stay protected.

Our program is backed by a century of experience and expertise. Combined with our 100% victim recovery rate, we’re proud to have earned the trust of thousands of businesses and consumers in the US, with over 10 million businesses and consumers under coverage with SmartIDentity.

Consumer Testimonials

“What a fine team assisted me in my identity theft event.  To call her diligent is to understate her level of job performance.  She is both compassionate and professional. Thanks SO much for having such high quality people to help fraud victims in these trying (and annoying!) situations. Sincerely”. William P. We Florida Financial – Kelly

“I’m so thankful for my Recovery Advocate. She was the sweetest most caring person I have dealt with in a long time. She took her time & helped me with a recent inquiry that was either a loan or a credit card that I didn’t apply for by calling the company & she was very good at not backing down.  Once they said it was shipped to old address and in my former married name she knew it was identity theft. I haven’t lived there or had that name in 4 yrs and then she completed the disputes with all 3 credit bureaus. She was wonderful to deal with and I would recommend her to anyone.” Patsi F. Marion Center Bank ULT-ID – Rachel

“I loved talking with my Recovery Advocate and the assistance she provided”. Martin W. Minnco CU – Rachel

“I could not have assisted for a better or more professional person to assist me with my identity theft event.”   Kelly T. Northeast Community CU – Reyna

“Working with my Recovery Advocate was great. Thank you.”   Arvin B. First Community CU – Reyna

“Your Representative was quick to respond and pleasant to deal with. Many Thanks!”   David S. Service CU – Kelly

“Both Representatives I spoke with, were very helpful.”   Vicky W. Dacotah Bank – Rachel and Reyna

“It was comforting to have you assist me with my identity theft event. I’m pleased to know I have this coverage if ever needed again.”   Shelley C.  Service CU– Kelly

“My Advocate was easy to work with, knowledgeable, helpful and really nice.”   Teri B. Marion Center Bank- ULT ID – Martha

“Excellent assistance and service. Thank you.”   Richard B. ERIEBANK– Rachel

“My Fraud Specialists was a great help and very courteous and professional.”   Keri B. FNB and Trust Chickasha ULT-ID - Rosemarie

“My Advocate always talked in an easy and polite manner. You can tell she really cared about getting all my issues resolved.” Edna S. Minnco CU – Rachel

“All I have to say, is thank you for doing such a great job, period.” William P. We Florida – Kelly

Our Values

These four core tenants live at the heart of our company culture and shape everything we do.


When helping customers, our community, employees and members, integrity is the foundation of our company.


Success of our company directly affects our customer experience with applied industry knowledge.


We believe teamwork empowers and gives ownership to employees that translates into better customer service.


As industry experts, we’re driven and focused to bring the most robust product solutions to the market.

Merchants Information Solutions, Inc. is a member-owned Arizona not-for-profit company incorporated in 1912. Merchants brands include SmartIDentity, a consumer identity theft prevention and recovery solution, SmartIDentity for Business, a small business data breach solution, and IntegrityFirst, an employment integrity testing solution.

To learn more visit the Merchants corporate website at: www.MerchantsInfo.com