SmartIDentity For Business Breach Solutions

Everything included in our comprehensive data breach planning and response solution

Breach Protection Tailored to Your Business

When it comes to your business and customer data, you can never be too careful.

SmartIDentity for Business provides a cost-effective data breach planning and response solution for your business. SmartIDentity for Business gives you numerous tools to assist you in mitigating risk before a breach happens and provides you with several essential tools to quickly respond if it does.

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Pre-breach planning

SmartIDentity For Business pre-breach tools help to safeguard your business and arm you with preparation, planning and knowledge about potential threats.  

Our pre-breach solution includes:

  • Data security compliance portal
  • Interactive state data breach notification law maps
  • Reasonable safeguard & data destruction law maps
  • E-learning including state and federal resources
  • Interactive assessment tools for data security compliance
  • Sample policies and templates
  • A written information security program (WISP) wizard
  • Dynamic Business Risk Score
  • Dark web breach monitoring
  • Information governance self-assessment questionnaire
  • Template Information Governance policy
  • Data breach incident response checklist
  • Quarterly cyber security and information governance training
  • Monthly cyber security threat landscape newsletter
  • Quarterly cyber security risk newsletter
  • Real-time cyber security flash alerts

These optional pre-breach services are also available:

  • Business cloud backup (E-vault)
  • Phishing simulation testing
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Live pre-breach security consulting and services
  • Live pre-breach training options
  • Fully-managed identity theft recovery for employees and their families
  • Optional owner and officer personal ID theft protection

Post-breach solutions

In addition to a comprehensive suite of pre-breach planning tools, SmartIDentity for Business will be there to help you quickly respond to any data breach event while helping your organization remain compliant with all state and federal laws. Post-breach solutions include:

  • Dedicated data breach response attorney
  • Dedicated rapid response team
  • Fully-managed data breach identity theft victim recovery
  • In-depth assessment to determine compliance and notification
  • Data breach notification response plan
  • Additional response services, per negotiation

 These optional post-breach services are also available:

  • Credit monitoring for affected consumers
  • Consulting and forensic services
    • Computer network and digital forensic and e-discovery services
    • Penetration testing (network, wireless, web application, social engineering)
    • Network security monitoring 24/7
    • Cyber security training
    • Security risk gap analysis
    • Security risk assessment
    • Vulnerability remediation
    • Security awareness training (online/in-person)
    • Managed security services
    • Critical infrastructure protection
    • Cyber law enforcement liaison
  • Notification mailing services
  • Call center services

Data Security Compliance Portal

Included with SmartIDentity for Business is a solution that helps address the vexing problem of cybersecurity compliance and breach response. A one-stop legal compliance tool for small and mid-sized businesses puts comprehensive resources for data security and breach response at your fingertips.

Developed by a leading multidisciplinary team of CIPP certified attorneys, this compliance portal offers:

- Interactive state law maps populated with plain language FAQs that help you navigate key provisions of all U.S. state breach notification laws, as well as reasonable safeguard laws, data destruction laws, and other data security mandates

- E-learning capabilities, including GDPR and CCPA FAQs, federal and state government resources, white papers and other materials that are updated as regulations evolve

- High-level interactive assessment tools for data security compliance and breach response readiness

- Sample policies, including a written information security program (WISP) wizard, to ensure you have reasonable policies and procedures to safeguard your organization’s information

- Access to breach coaching and related services via our 24/7 Incident Response Team, should your organization experience a security incident and need immediate assistance

Data Breach Response

In the event of a data breach incidenty businesses are required to comply with a patchwork of state and federal regulations.  It is key that the response is timely and comprehensive to avoid litigation from both regulators and affected victims.  SmartIDentity for Business maintains a constant watch on the ever-changing data breach regulatory environment to keep you compliant should you experience an information security incident.

A critical service provided within SmartIDentity for Business not included in database/template breach response solutions, is immediate access to a highly qualified and experienced data breach attorney. The attorney will guide you through the critical steps of determining your risk exposure, develop a plan to keep your response to the breach legal, and most critically protect any work product they create on your behalf via attorney-client privilege.

Features include:

- Dedicated Data Breach Response Attorney

- Dedicated Rapid Response Team

- In-Depth Assessments to Determine Compliance and Notification

- Fully-Managed Data Breach Victim Recovery

- Data Breach Notification Response Plan

Fully Managed Recovery for Breach Victims

In most cases, companies that experience a breach are not required to offer victims any type of recovery assistance—and they often don’t. It’s this lack of help that causes many victims to sue and win damages, an action that also garners plenty of negative publicity for the business.

With SmartIDentity For Business, your membership includes fully managed recovery assistance for any customers who experience identity theft as a result of a breach. Affected customers will have a dedicated Recovery Advocate to manage the entire process from beginning to end, working with law enforcement, credit agencies, financial institutions and others until the victim’s identity is restored. 

And, our 100% recovery rate ensures that your customers receive the prompt assistance and resolution they deserve.

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