SmartIDentity For Customers & Consumers

Customizable solutions designed to support the needs of your customers.

Customizable Customer and Consumer Solutions

Bundle in extra value for your customers while generating recurring revenue with the SmartIDentity 3-Generation Fully Managed Identity Theft Recovery program.

SmartIDentity will help protect your customers from the damaging effects of identity theft. With a new victim every two seconds, strong ID theft protection is an invaluable benefit to offer.

In addition, you’ll reduce your organization’s risk exposure and protect your brand halo in the event of a data breach, while supporting your data breach risk management objectives and the 50 state breach notification laws.

Fully Managed Recovery

Provide your customers and consumers with a highly-trained and certified Recovery Advocate to work on their behalf performing all the tasks necessary to restore their identity to pre-theft status.

By blanketing your customers with an ID Theft fully-managed recovery benefit, we help you offer a new customer benefit that will:

- Create a new source of recurring revenue
- Attract new customers
- Improve customer retention
- Differentiate your organization from the competition
- Support your data breach risk management objectives
- Support any of the 50 state data breach laws in the event of a data breach event

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