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Protect what you’ve built with affordable data breach protection.

Data Breach Response Solution for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

SmartIDentity For Business data breach response planning, legal and recovery solutions are a cost-effective suite of cyber security resources created for small-to -medium-sized businesses.

You’ll gain access to a wealth of pre and post-breach materials, including:

  • A highly-experienced national attorney partner with a data security and breach response practice to guide you through the critical steps of determining the risk exposure, review the details of the incident, cover strategies for investigating and responding to the incident, identify critical issues and develop next steps, protecting any work product created via the critically important, Attorney-Client privilege.
  • Protects your business by significantly reducing the costs of a breach response and limiting compliance risk, in part by taking care of affected consumers through Fully Managed Recovery.
  • A Dedicated Breach Coordinator to help your organization every step of the way, from initial contact to resolution, and after.

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It’s Not a Matter of If, But When

Small businesses often make the mistake of thinking they’re too small to be a target, but reality tells a different story. The results can be devastating. Data breaches can cost your company millions of dollars in loss, plus a priceless loss in credibility. Studies show that:

- Over 70% of cyber attacks target small businesses

- Internal employees are often the culprit of information leaks, both malicious and accidental

- 2 out of 3 small- to medium-sized businesses face financial ruin as a result of an incident

It’s better to be educated, prepared and ready with an action plan than to be caught off guard—and that’s where SmartIDentity for Business comes in.

Our data planning and response solutions are backed by over a century of experience in making things right.

Ready to Take Action Against Data Breach Threats?

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What Our Members Say

“The customer service and support I received when my business experienced a breach was outstanding! My Case Representative was very knowledgeable and stayed in contact with me throughout the entire process. Although our breach event did not require assistance from the preferred data breach law firm nor any type of forensic analysis, Merchants was able to provide a finalized notification letter, sealed and delivered to the impacted group within a week of us noticing that we had experienced a breach. I feel confident and secure with Merchants on my side. Truly an amazing benefit no business owner should be without. Many Thanks!”

Julie C. Hotel, Motel & Tourism

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