SmartIDentity For Employees

Learn more about how providing SmartIDentity for your employees can take the stress out of identity theft.

ID Theft Employee Benefit

Employees who become victims of identity theft face a variety of problems which can create major disruptions for them at work.

Studies have shown that identity theft victims commonly spend several weeks resolving identity theft, with the majority of the time spent resolving their event during working hours when banks, and other institutions they need to connect with are available.

This can distract them from important projects at work, not to mention the added stress and frustration caused.

Provide your employees with peace of mind knowing if they ever become a victim of identity theft they will be assigned a dedicated advocate who will work on their behalf to recover their case.

Fully Managed Recovery for Employees

The SmartIDentity fully-managed service is a high-touch, concierge service where one simple phone call to a highly-trained and certified recovery advocate is all it takes.

Your employee will be assigned a dedicated Recovery Advocate to manage the entire process from beginning to end, working with law enforcement, credit agencies, financial institutions and others until their identity is restored.

And, our 100% recovery rate ensures that your employees receive the prompt assistance and resolution they deserve.

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